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Happy New Year !!

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Hello everyone just writing to wish everyone a happy and exciting new year and decade , also I would like to thank all readers and followers of designplaygrounds.com for being with me this year, the site has been up a little over a year by now and I have to say I’m glad of the amount of interest generated around it, also thankful for the opportunities it has given me to network with awesome people in the fields of generative a interactive design I hope together we keep building an engaging and more active community during 2011.

Reviewing my 2010 purposes I´m happy to realize I successfully achieved most of them , I´ll keep up with them same during this year, however some serious changes will be happening around here , from now one I´ll get a little bit more serious and organized with the research I´m doing and the way of present it in order to be more helpful for people , I have lots of works I haven´t post for the same reason.

I´ll make another post talking more in detail about the changes and new stuff coming, meanwhile I would just like to say again thank you for being here , see you on the other side!!

  • A very happy new year to you as well Rodrigo. Looking forward to keep on reading your articles in 2011 (and beyond).

    Greetings from Belgium!

  • Rodrigo

    Thanks a lot Niels !!