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have an exciting 2010!!!!

2010 Is already here!!! , first of all I would like to thank everyone friends, subscribers, followers and basically anyone who has been with me this past year, your support really means a lot to me it encourages me to keep up working on the things I love. 2009 was a great year for me , lots of personal grow and learning experiences, I had the opportunity to meet and learn from many talented people and also I had the joy of teaching others I´m very grateful for that.

I would wish you a happy new year , but I think excitement is what really drives live thats why I want you to HAVE AN EXCITING 2010, full of challenges and fun things to do .

So in order to keep up focused for the next year ( I get distracted a LOT!!) I made my New Years resolution list, so I can come back to it and see how I´m doing it as the year goes on.

Networking:The key of everything is networking we live in a great time were we are all linked together in this thing called the internet, This new year I really hope to keep up meeting new people and interact much more with the ones I now already, definitively replace email with more face to face conversations ,phone,SMS and tweets. =)

Post More!!:I really have to work on this one, this past year I haven´t put out as much content as I wanted but as I said it really was a learning year, setting up a website and start to build social networks takes enormous amounts of time and whole bunch of stuff to learn , Thankfully I think I have passed the hardest time , things will be more calm to allow me post on a more regular basis, If you have any suggestions about tutorials or other kind of information please let me know I´m looking forward to hear them.

Learning:This year I want to keep up with my learning habits , I think this year I will focus a lot in programming languages for interactive design , I think as a designer I think there are a lot of opportunities in the field of developing interactive softwares , I´m very interested in data visualizations and interactive installations.

Consulting:I have already started with this I have been working with some clients these past year with good results , Currently I´m doing a lot of research to find the right tools that allow me to offer a good online consultancy service (video conference apps , data sharing , online contracts etc.. ) once I have all these worked out I´ll provide a proper section on the website.

Teaching: I really liked the experience of giving workshops It always pushes you to learn more , sometimes things you thought you already know well at the end you realize you really don´t when a student ask it about it that makes you revisit and learn even more that you originally did, so these 210 I´m planing to organize some workshops , invitations are also accepted.

Rodrigo Medina G.

me  wishing you the best !!

Other stuff: Keep with the home gym (important to keep in good shape) , be more tidy , return to my sketch drawings , travel a lot (my ultimate dream is becoming a digital nomad) , learn about photography , eat less chips (serious issue) , and basically do everything that represents a fun challenge , I once heard that the thing we fear the most is probably the one we should be doing so I´ll probably make some sky diving.

Which are your new years resolutions?? Let me know.

  • Giulio

    Hi Rodrigo!
    Have a nice new 2010. I love your wishes for 2010 and I hope we all could fulfill them. First of all networking and keeping fit 🙂


  • Rodrigo

    Thanks a lot Giulio, best wishes for the next year !!!

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