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Kaleido Project [Processing]

A couple of days ago @Reas tweeted a very interesting initiative called Kaledio which Is a new platform to help visual designers to structure their codes easily,I think this tool goes excellent with what Daniel Shiffman teaches in his book Learning Processing about building complex softwares by breaking down the big idea into smaller parts or functions, it talks mainly about to concepts:
Modularity –Breaking down a larger program into smaller parts makes code more manageable and readable. Once we have figured out how to do a determined part of a code we can take that chunk of code and store it in a function and call it whenever is necessary.
Reusability —Functions allow us to reuse code without having to retype it.
With Kaleido you work by drawing visual algorithm trees that are linked to the code generated in Processing this helps a lot to easily track down specific parts or fuctions of a program, which helps you to make quicker editions and also have a logical structure of the code with visual elements.
Unfortunately the tool is only available for Mac at this point , the reason is that they want to get at least one stable release on one platform before going cross-platform to windows and linux lets hope this happens soon , as always if you try the tool don´t forget to send out your feedback which is always very important at the first stages of this kind of projects.

Kaleido Demo from Agnes Chang on Vimeo.

Description(frome the site)
Kaleido is a tool that is designed to help visual-thinkers program. You can use Kaleido to create personally meaningful visuals for your code. Kaleido allows individuals to plan, organize, and navigate code in the idiosyncratic way we each think.