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Learning OOP


Generative graphic by Marius Watz

So you have been wondering around on several sites that show pretty cool and astonishing projects  of architecture , graphic design or interactive applications , and you have read they have been created whit the help of programming languages like rhinoscript,maxscript,actionscript ,phyton etc.. at the  beginning the idea of generating shapes and forms by using lines of code  may sound crazy I remind when I started it has a shock for me and really confusing . However if your curiosity and your will to get into this world is greatest than your fear to get into the world of algorithms and numbers , there are few things you need to know to have a nice start.

Patience,Practice and Time are fundamental with any of this its hard to really achieve significant results , Time its one of the most difficult things to get on this days but you´ll have to make an effort and find the way to dedicate some hours for this task in a daily basis specially at the beginning while you start understanding the basic of programming languages  its very common you start a script and when you let pass some days return again to it and don´t have a clue of what the f”#@k you where doing , so in few words what i´m trying  to say its no more Lost, Prison Break or what ever its your favorite TV show for while.

Community , social media and Blogs are your greatest ally  in order to learn over the last couple of years I have witnessed the grow of communities, blogs ,videos etc.. that are generated daily  with great people sharing their knowledge , I would dare to share that almost anything you need to know is already out there and the best part its free, perhaps you are used to have someone teaching you personally or take courses or workshops  this is is not bad it helps you a  to get on tracks  easily  , but perhaps you are in a place where this events don´t take place which was my case under this situation you are going to have to learn something way more important than a programming language you´ll have to learn by yourself  fortunately  for us never in the history of  mankind this has been more easy  you just need to go to the correct places and ask the right questions there’s a lot of good people out there willing to help.

Algorithms at the end of the day the only thing you have to keep in mind no matter if you are dealing with simple 2d drawing, 3d modelling or a complex interactive system , what you are doing is an Algorithm  which nothing more than a fancy word for calling a list of procedures that’s right an algorithm is nothing more  than a set of  instructions you give a computer to achieve a task something like a recipe. For example the algorithm for preparing a Pineapple Tangerine Margita



Processing a good place to start , even do I started programming in rhinoscript because I was very focused on 3d modelling later on I started using which is Processing which is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. One of the main objectives of processing is to introduce  to artists and designers the fundamentals of computer programming , as I started using this platform It became a lot easier to me understand the basic  rules of programming languages,I would have made my beginnings in programing if I have started with processing, thats why i strongly recommend this platform to start learning besides its one of the greatest communities you can find out there everybody sharing codes , libraries and you can meet good people on the way.

I am starting with this thing of  writing my personal thought and ideas, I hope this text helps a little bit those  who are a lost in there way of starting  , any comments are greatly appreciated.

  • Sam Ng

    Thank for your sharing. I totally agree with you, Processing is a good starting point in learning programming because it is very easy to learn. But, I wonder if Processing is related to creating 3D model.And is it easy to learn RhinoScript after learning Processing?

  • Rodrigo

    Thank for your comment Sam actually i think its more easy to understand rhinoscript once you know the basic structures for coding in Processing actually processing is great for creating 3d models but will depend a lot of the purpose of the modelling I wouldn´t recomend it for architectural modelling however it can be used to perfom analisis and export that data more conventional 3d modelling tools, but however I think is great for example what NERVOUS is doing for example take a look http://n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com/play_and_learn.php

  • Sam Ng

    Thank, Rodrigo. a very interesting website.I am the beginner of learning Processing. The syntax of Rhinoscript is quite different from that of Processing. I would also like to learn Rhinoscript, is it easier for me to learn Rhinoscript after learning VB?
    Also, I am learning Grasshopper now,do I need to learn Rhionscript additionaly. I am quite confused about the function between Grasshopper and Rhinoscript becasue someone said you don’t need to learn Rhinoscript when you learn Grasshopper.

  • dima

    RhinoScript is basically a scripting plugin for Rhino. It is based of VBScript language and all VBScript methods works in RhinoScript + it has a few hundred Rhino specific methods (they are the functions that start like “Rhino.” and u can find them in RhinoScript helpfile). So the coding syntax as based on VBScript.
    Grasshopper is another plugin for Rhino, which is basically mimicking RhinoScript but with no coding involved (if you dot feel like, otherwise it has VB and C# components that make your life easier and deffinitions smaller). I guess it’s the way David Rutten’s (creator ) impression of RhinoScript . It holds the same logic as RhinoScript though. I also find it easier to understand GH once you have at least general understanding of RhinoScript and you can truly enjoy its functionality.