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Digital Architecture @gravity !!!

For some time I have been thinking about creating a forum for the website to talk about digital architecture, interactive design , generative design and all the regular stuff we regularly have at designplaygrounds.com however I was waiting for a new service I heard about some months ago to come out public , I have to say this guys didn´t let me down, I´m talking about gravity a new place to have fun and engaging conversations about the stuff you love. One of the main things make gravity  better than regular forums is that you can talk about all your favorite subjects  in the same site contrary from a regular forum  where you can just talk about one subject.

In gravity you orbit (follow) worlds, conversations and people it has a very warm and fuzzy interface that makes conversations very fun and easy going it also has an interface to share content (video , photo , links ) really easy wich brings lots of value to conversations , and the best part of all you win badges as your participation starts to grow this past days I have been feeling like a geek boy scout =).

Anyway the guys from gravity have  helped me set the Digital Architecture World , I would like to start using it as a forum to have conversations about all the subjects treated in this website , perhaps  talk about your recent projects, 3d softwares , tutorials and everything you may find interesting and valuable for our community , the only thing you have to do is to go to the gravity page and request your invite ,the service still is at an early phase so it´s a good time to jump aboard and build together a great and powerful community.