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Rhino 5.0 Work-in-Progress Release

Hi guys , I just wanted to make a quick shout to all Rhino users to announce that McNeel guys have made a new release of the Rhino 5.0 Work in Progress I haven´t tried it yet (downloading it now), I´ll give it a try and let you know how is it, one of my concerns is that If my rhinoscripts made in Rhino 4.0 will work on version 5 , I´ll write up my discoveries , meanwhile you can go and download it from HERE.

Release Improvements:
* BoxEdit: Can now accept units other than active unit system.
* Dimension Properties: A new button takes the user to the Style configuration page in the Options dialog box.
* Open: It is now possible to cancel opening files that are locked by another user.
* Purge: Options now persist between Rhino sessions.
* Save:DWG/DXF: Schemes can now be imported and exported through the Edit Schemes dialog and the AcadSchemes command.

Bug Fixes:

* BoxEdit: If you are in “Transform objects individually” mode, and if all objects have the same x, y, and/or z dimension, the corresponding edit fields did not show a delta. The same applies to the position fields. If objects share a pivot coordinate, then the position fields not longer display a delta. This is fixed.

* Contour: Some failure bugs have been fixed by new intersectors.
* CrvSeam: A failure bug has been fixed.
* DimRadius: Improvements in leader placement and editing.
* DimRadius: The behavior of the arrow location has been improved.
* ExtrudeCrv: Additional checking for invalid extrusions has been added.
* Object Snap: The object drag osnap is now delayed by default. When you select an object to drag it, you now have 250ms to do an old style non-osnapped drag. If the osnap was able to snap to something, the cursor tail will disappear, and after the delay the osnap will be activated, and you can do a precise drag from the osnapped point.
* Open/Save: The open and save file location incorrectly returned to the default location if Rhino 5 is closed without opening a file or using the SetWorkingDirectory command. This is fixed.
* Open:PDF: A problem with the unit settings has been fixed.
* Open:STP: A problem with importing onto layers that are off is fixed.
* Paste: A problem with pasting from the Edit menu selection has been fixed.
* Print: Minor changes to the dialog box layout have improved readability.
* RemoveMultiKnotSrf: Some problems with updating the display have been fixed.
* Save:DWG/DXF:
o When exporting or saving to DWG/DXF, the “Primary text length factor” is incorrectly not being set in the “Default” imported style from Rhino. The AutoCAD control variable DIMLFAC is now set to match the corresponding length factor.
o Special characters in layer names were lost. This is fixed.
o Layer names with mixed upper and lower case were incorrectly converted to upper case. This is fixed.
* SelLast: A problem with selecting inappropriate objects has been fixed.
* VariableFilletEdge: Several failure bugs have been fixed.

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    yeah! and latest Grasshopper looks great as well!