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Sharing Ideas & Projects

Today I was watching this lecture of Ji Lee about sharing personal projects and I have to say I really agree with all that he says (which is obvious otherwise I wouldn´t be writing post about it) ,he talks about something that perhaps every designer experience at least once in their life  that is getting their ideas messed up by clients,  I think this happens mainly because we fail to see what clients really want, for example a city government may commission an architecture studio to develop a project for its city ,so what the studio will start doing is to develop a project that with will be useful for people ,related with their  social context ,  sustainable and relevant society in few words an awesome project, while the client is thinking only in making a fancy project to promote their current administration and do it as cheap as possible , this kind of situations happen all the times and are the ones that make great ideas never get realized.

To stop this we as designer should stop waiting for the phone to ring to actually start doing something , we need to start creating unsolicited designs to reach our real potential and present our id our ideas the way we think they should be and not in an edited way , besides most of the people don´t know what they want until they see it and guess what If you have nothing to show nobody will want you,and here comes a very dangerous (yes dangerous) thing to do as a creative person  that is covet your ideas , thinking you have the ultimate idea that must be protected from everyone to never get copied is stupid ,this will hardly make you move forward it makes you live only from your reserves waiting for the perfect moment and the perfect timing to execute those ideas and you should know that day will hardly arrive , instead I have learned that sharing all your ideas makes you go out and replenish for new ones, it keeps your mind active and ready to learn and create new stuff you are not tied to protecting anything because you know you can always keep up looking for more, and that my friends will keep you in the game.
Another important thing to mention from this lecture is fact that we should be designing more platforms for social participation instead of closed- ended projects , by allowing the collective creation projects gain more relevance and impact in greater scale and people feel more identified with them this is what makes any project successful, as I have mentioned in other occasions I think we should become providers for tools that allow this kind of participation. This was one of the main reasons I created this platform (designplaygrounds.com) to share what I know and force myself to always be searching for more , and believe me, just as it´s said on the video , when you share you end up receiving a lot more than what you give.
So now you know the next time you´re making an test putting your hands to prevent people copying from you, remember your´re limiting your creative skills.

What you guys think about this ?

Ji Lee: The Transformative Power of Personal Projects from 99% on Vimeo.

  • dima

    I think people(designers, artists or any creative people involved in some dynamic creative process) have realized that their knowledge has to deal with a cumulative knowledge of the community that they are involved in. By this I mean that with no sharing knowledge and testing your ideas on others it ‘ very hard to move any further. It’s like a snow ball. That’s why we experience today such a boost of online communities (like GH or Processing communities) that are fed by the users. And since the cumulative knowledge within a community grows – the individual knowledge and skills of their members expand as well. Internet development really has proven the benefits of sharing , that you are talking about in the article.

  • Rodrigo

    Totally agree with you dima, I think that we will reach a point were ideas will not belong to a particular person, but to collective communities that will be in charge of communicate them and grow them to reach all their potential.