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Starting to use Flattr !!

I´ve decided to start using Flattr in order to show my support and appreciation to folks I think are making good things on the internet , also as content producer I thought it could be a good tool for receiving support from the people the likes my stuff.

For those who don´t know Flattr is a new service that helps content consumers show their appreciation to the producers by giving a small monetary contribution , it´s a fair system were if you want to receive this support you also have to give it to other content producers , Flattr stills on a very early phase but I thing is a good project to support hopefully we will start seeing more websites with Flattr implemented , If you have a blog you may want to see the video above and give it a try , let me know if you do in the comments so I can check your content and Flattr you =) .

  • http://arthurmani.com Arthur

    Swedes are Communists-Capitalists :)
    Ikea, H&M and now Flattr ! They’re brilliant.
    Thanks for the link, how can we support you on flattr?

  • Rodrigo

    Glad you find this information useful there´s another post from Mark Loomis cooming soon about Grasshopper VS Generative Components.