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The future of Money

The Future of Money is an initiative created by @venessamiemis , @gabrielshalom ,Patrizia Kommerell, @jaycousins with the objective of trying to describe and find ways in which new generations think about money, and how the new media technologies are stepping in to help people to develop economic systems creating real wealth and value for people , in what I personally consider a much fair way than actual systems.

I think specially for creative people this has a tremendous impact in the way we capitalize ourselves , weather your a programmer , an architect or a graphic designer we have to start thinking our biggest assets are our skills, knowledge and social connections . If we learn to put these in contexts that allow us to use them as a form of currency we would be creating channels where we could get what we need and at the same time give back something someone else needs.

Just some random ideas I´ve got from following this project.

-Your wealth has nothing to do with the amount of money you have, your skills,knowledge and social connections begin to play an increasingly important role.

-We Need to make a fundamental shift in cultural Our Behaviours each of us must begin to see himself as a producer of ideas, products and services rather than salaried employees trained to consume.

-Begin to recognize that our thoughts and ideas can help others solve their problems, this in itself is an asset that we can learn to capitalism if we find suitable ways of distribution.

-Money will No Longer Be the only currency dominating Our Economies, I think Organized groups of people with similar Interests and needs will start gathering together and create local Their Own Their Own Currencies using goods, skills and Knowledge as a way to make Their Transactions Without the Need of money.

I will also like to recommend you the documentary The Money Fix which will help you understand all this a lot better.

The Future of Money from KS12 on Vimeo.