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The next revolution is here !!!

I have been talking on earlier posts about the importance of open source technologies and the new economic models that are emerging because of this kind of movements. I have been paying a lot of attention to this situation, and I have to say it´s advancing  much faster  than Ihought  , the next industrial revolution is here and it´s awesome.

What we are actually living in this moments is the democratization of the whole industrial process , In the past, the designer have always depended on corporations to actually being able to design or have a job, in which at the end they had very little influence in the final product delivered to the consumers , This was mainly because in the past single individuals didn´t had the technology, and the whole infrastructure needed to develop industrial customer products, or the digital platforms that we have today for making self promotion ,the corporations were the gatekeepers who controlled everything.

However as the open source movement has evolved, the technology has become more available for individuals and small groups, which has lead to new manufacturing business models, digital fabrication methods have evolved so fast that allow the massive individualization ,which means that you can produce individualized components with the same speed and quality as if they were massive repeated components, this opens a whole new market for manufacturing companies , now they can now not only produce for big corporations , but instead manufacture to small groups of people , which eventually may  become bigger.

This represents a great opportunity  for creative people , as individuals or small groups you can be more agile and adapt to situations faster than bigger companies, it also allows  you to reach more targeted market niches and create more personal product experiences , because of the great deal of customization that can be made, all this has become possible because every step of the production process can now be outsourced which represents a lot of savings , this makes any market niche , even the smallest ones very profitable. Which in few words ,  can put any individual designer into bussines.

The video below has some cool examples. =).

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What do you think about this ?

  • http://arquitextonica.net Miguel Villegas

    Hope we architects can find a way to produce “products” instead of services…

  • http://dlibraried.com Maksim_st

    Yes, it really means a lot more possibilities for designers or some entrepreneurs, but can you call the start of mass production of affordable printers decades ago – the beginning of industrial revolution? Can it really change something big? Bookshops are still there.

  • Rodrigo

    I think this is possible of course Architecture is in a great deal a service bussines , but this technologies may opens a new door to produce architectural customizable products , perhaps short term services , like online consulting may be an other opportunity to explore.

  • Rodrigo

    What I think is the major shift is the brand equity you can achieve today as an individual , corporations will no longer be the gatekeepers of the product industries , Now if you work real hard , have a great product and use the correct digital tools for promotion , the cost of entrie into the market is dramatacally lower than before . This is a big game changer.

  • Sam Ng
  • Rodrigo

    Thanks Sam!!