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Workshops / Events

AA Visiting School Dubai

AA Visiting School Dubai is part of an ever-growing attempt by the AA to expand the network of the school by initiating nodes of collaboration dealing the immediate social, cultural and ecological context of their accommodating cities.


The AA Rome Visiting School-10 day workshop encourages the observation of material elements and their use in the design of architecture featuring subconscious experiences, spatial voids and virtual communities.

Alpha-ville EXCHANGE

Alpha-ville EXCHANGE is a series of events designed to offer the London art, tech and creative communities the opportunity to connect, exchange ideas, get inspired and discover new talent.

RESHAPE Competition

RESHAPE ® organized by Noumena and Advok communication is a competition of computational design and digital fabrication focused, in its first edition, on the topic of LIVING space.

Re-inventing Shoes Workshop at AAtelier Paris

The AA (Architectural Association) is one of the world’s most renowned Schools of Architecture. It offers twice a year, since 2011, AAtelier: a 10-day highly international AA visiting school in Paris.

Cabinet of Post-digital Curiosities by Jorge Ayala

Jorge Ayala will be presenting his installation Cabinet of Post- digital Curiosities at the 9th Archilab, Naturaliser l’Architecture Exhibition at the FRAC Centre, Orléans France.

SKIN Digital Fabrication Competition

The building envelope and the transition between what is outside and what is inside presents the most complex and fundamentally linguistic element of architecture today.


Can we overcome the assumption that urban environments are static, passive systems? In questioning and rethinking our expectations, we learn that architecture can transform itself in response to the constant change of our surroundings.