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AA Visiting School Paris

AA School (Architectural Association) Paris Season 2, led by Jorge Ayala, Principal of [Ay]A Studio, will be held from October 31st to November 10th 2011.

BUILDING FASHION PARIS is today the only cutting-edge course in Academia worldwide focusing exclusively on novel approaches to the [fashion + architecture] emerging practice.
The workshop is open to current architecture and fashion design students, phd candidates and young professionals. The deadline for applications is October 20th. Application forms and additional information are available on AA Paris website here.


Stereo Vogue, as the name implies, is an omni perception on contemporary Fashion. These perspectives are emerging technologies and techniques coming out of cutting edge industries which are allowing us to dive into various design fields. From these creative areas there is a subdivision of substance necessary for taking ideas beyond our imagination. It is a methodology that we apply in contextualization of 21st century, avant-garde architecture.

Through its rapidly changing seasons, cutting edge industries are inspiring the fluctuation in style. In similar fashion, we will use Stereoscopic imagery and three dimensional vision, to generate high-end Body ornamentations informed by biomimicry – a morphogenetic design principle influenced by biological and natural performances. The Stereo Vogue Studio will commence the production with various software tools (Maya, Rhino) for analysing, designing and building advanced, evolutionary pieces which are related to human anatomical structures. These hybridized creations of nature, culture and art, will be visualised through stereoscopic – 3D technology.