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Cabinet of Post-digital Curiosities by Jorge Ayala

Jorge Ayala, Cabinet of Post-digital Curiosities_01

Jorge Ayala will be presenting his installation Cabinet of Post- digital Curiosities at the 9th Archilab, Naturaliser l’Architecture Exhibition at the FRAC Centre, Orléans France.

The existential crisis happening in the last years offered new potentials of engaging with art, culture and technology. Within this context, Jorge Ayala’s Cabinet of Post-digital Curiosities offers different directions to today’s rapid prototyping society culture. As a critical position to the so-called parametricism, the installation reverses the sterile and monochrome of the ‘digital legacy’, towards a post-digital instance were computational operates as the outset, rather than the outcome.
Post-digital Curiosities is not about recursive algorithms set to provide flawless and sleek entities, but rather, it does abstraction of such advanced knowledge and seeks to build its own relevancy from analog physical production and processual manufacturing. The installation is constitute of a series of 40 genetically-connected lasercut moulds, alienated exoskeletons and synthetic skins, produced during 2 years of research and experimentation.

‘The impact of Naturaliser l’Architecture Exhibition – 9th Archilab, its diversity and the abundance of intellectual resources will yield convincing results within the changing world of design. We all, artists and audience, will be inevitably aware of the endless postures Architecture is taking in today’s society’. Jorge Ayala.

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Jorge Ayala, Cabinet of Post-digital Curiosities_03