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F(AA)SHIONS/ AA Visiting School Paris, Spring 2011

During next weeks together with Jorge Ayala we are going to be presenting on designplaygrounds some scoops of this year´s AA Visiting School Paris program, like the workshops, lectures and design research programs that will be held , also  some insight of this year´s  great  tutors and lecturers.

F(AA)SHIONS/ AA Visiting School Paris, Spring 2011

Jorge Ayala

The Architectural Association School of Architecture, one of the world’s most respected and ambitious pedagogical laboratories for architectural design and spatial research, will offer a 10 day international visiting programme in Paris running this academic year 2010-2011.

The workshop will take place from the 21st to 31st March 2011 and will be hosted by Musées des Arts Décoratifs, 111 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris.

Our goal will be the exploration of novel productions in fashion and architecture. We will aim at proposals –from prototypical to architectural to transitional states- to which unique features are the result of an inductive process of design rather than the outcome of a predeterministic approach.

Fashion scene today is not only a collection of captured images, but rather an ensemble of socio-morphological forces connecting people, catalyzing experimental, open-ended design. Fashion and its affinity for transformation is a complex terrain of architectural identities, scenery and performance. These dynamic spaces are the field where vanguard ideas incubate.

From right within fashion’s creative nexus AA Visiting School Paris will foster ‘integral spatial qualities’ by harnessing the surprising typolo¬gies intrinsic to temporal bodies, fluid matter(s), and singular proportions. On the edge of couture’s technologi¬cal transformation, we will rapid prototype templates that stage sharp, raw, urban, experimental and alien spatial apparel logics.

Studio Agenda


Within the framework of fashion, designers recognize the value of innovation and surprise in clothing designs and spectacle within seductive displays of retail to attract press, clientele and capital to continue this same endless process season after season.

Unlike many fashion designers whose brandings, shows and stores are broadcast by ‘pop’ promoters, we will seek to reject the features of the fashion system, such as: its emphasis on seasonal novelty and the repetitive ideas and shapes across collections (ex, clouds filled with stars covering a blue sky).

On the edge of couture’s technologi­cal transformation, we will rapid prototype templates that stage sharp, raw, urban, experimental and alien spatial apparel logics.

Matter and its usage have an important role in fashion designers’ practice, thus we will introduce matter as the input informing the design process with a strong interest in understanding the inextricably relationship with/for/from form, structure, skin, production and spatial qualities.

Calendar Spring 2011

This intensive workshop-based programme will run a design-based research and production of ideas.Our target is the merging of disciplines (FASHION+ARCHITECTURE) to understand design and fabrication as complementary features of a unique, non-linear generative process. AA Paris’ students will gain new intellectual and practical skills to approach a radical change in the design practice. This will imply defining strategies and processes of development -rather than final outcomes as expression of preconceived ideas.

Students will work in teams and develop individual projects while testing their ideas within the group. Each tutor-led unit will investigate different aspects and dogmas of the mechanism fashion/architecture.


AA Visiting School Paris is open to worldwide architecture and fashion design students, recent graduates, young professionals and emerging fashion designers. Digital and physical model skills are recommended. Portfolios to be submitted by mail or email to Jorge Ayala at visitingschool@aaschool.ac.uk