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Lecture at COAAC

Recently I was invited to the presentation of the magazine +Arquitectura which is edited by the COAAC (Colegio de Arquitectos del Estado de Aguascalientes) in which by the way I was invited to write an article about Advanced Design Strategies to be featured in the next number.
I met Alejandro Anaya president of the COAAC who kindly invited me to give a lecture of “Prametric Architecture” ,So the last week I went over there and talk about a little bit about my personal work , as well as the projects made on SEED studio I also talk about the general benefits of implementing parametric strategies on architecture projects and how they may be applied to low budget projects , apparently there is a misconception that this methodologies are very expensive to execute I think maybe because many of the projects presented using this approach have a huge level of complex and conceptual formal language , this isn´t an obligatory characteristic of this kind of projects.
Rodrigo Medina Garcia
I had a great time, I met very interesting people I hope to be invited in a future for more events.
As a funny anecdote at the end of the lecture the gave me a recognition diploma in which they put ING.Rodrigo Medina García (“ING” in Mexico stands for engineer) they assumed based on my work that I was an structural engineer thing that I am not jeje .