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Material Parametrics Workshop at NYC

Material Parametrics is a two-day intensive design and prototyping workshop (with an optional third day) to be held in New York City during the weekend of  September 25.

Over the course of two(+) days participants will examine the cultural as well as technological domains of associative practices within architecture and its related fields. Participants will iteratively develop parametric assemblies with an emphasis placed on material prototyping as a vehicle for design innovation.

The format of the workshop includes daily instructional, design, and fabrication sessions and will be conducted in a fast-paced and hands-on studio environment. Participants will have direct access to digital fabrication equipment, including an industrial CNC 3-axis Mill and CNC High-Force Cutter. An optional third workshop day is offered to those participants desiring further time to develop and prototype individual projects.

As part of a larger online infrastructure, modeLab, this workshop provides participants with continued support and knowledge to draw upon for future learning.

Attendance will be limited to provide each participant maximum dedicated time with instructors.

Instructors | Ronnie Parsons + Gil Akos | Partners, Studio Mode.
All experience levels are welcome.
All participants are required to bring their own laptops. Trial software will be made available.
Registration Pricing (limited enrollment) : $550/$650.
Workshop Location :  modeLab | NYC.
Workshop Hours : 10AM-6PM.
Examples of Previous Workshops.

modeLab Workbook | Printed + PDF Documentation
modeLab Exercises | Annotated Pre- and Post-Exercise GHX Files
modeLab Primers | Annotated Primer GHX Files
modeLab Strategies | Annotated Parametric Strategy GHX Files
modeLab Utilities | Custom Parametric Design Workflow Utility GHX Files
modeLab ModeTools | Custom Plug-In Add-On GHA Files
modeLab Fabrication Equipment |  CNC 3-Axis Mill + High-Force Cutter

Parametric Design Logics
Computational Geometry
Modularity + Recombination
Pressures + Influencers
Interoperability + Digital Fabrication

2010.August.27 | Workshop Announced + Registration Opens.
2010.September.20 | Registration Closes.
2010.September.25 | Workshop Begins.
2010.September.27 | Optional Workshop Session.

To register or get more detailed information please visit this link or send your questions to info@studiomode.nu.